WD Truck Bed

4" steel channel frame rails
Our structural 4" channel frame rails are stronger, more durable, and prevent any rusting from the interior of the tube. Furthermore, we don’t use roll formed runners, making our structure stronger than any on the market.
1/8" smooth deck
CM provides you with a stronger, more durable, and thicker deck that are better than the rest.
3 1/2" V-groove across back
Allows you to work and gives you a workspace on the back.
1/8" steel square back
A thicker, stronger, and more durable back that will assist you and last longer throughout your hauls.
Modular Sealed wiring harness
Our wiring harness are designed to withstand the light or harsh conditions they are placed under. Our Modular Sealed Wiring Harness is designed to reduce corrosion, pulling apart, or deterioration.
18,500 lb. rated B&W bumper pull hitch
CM's independently rated bumper pull hitch gives you a best in class towing capacity which is integrated into the entire frame.
Stop, turn, tail, back up, clearance and tag lights in skirt
Meaning CM's lights are brighter, and use less power than conventional incandescent lights, that way your stops, turns, tag lights and more will be easily seen and recognized.
1.66" pipe around bottom rim of sides and back
A tougher, stronger, and more durable pipe that will outweigh competitor truck beds.
7 way round and 5 way flat electrical plug standard on rear tailboard
This standard feature allows you to hook on to any trailer and provide quality results.
Standard tool boxes with locking chrome T-Handle compression latch (4 standard)
These toolboxes have a better seal as well a compression latch that will ensure there is no moisture inside your boxes.
3" steel roll-formed 3/16" channel cross members
These are the toughest most durable subframe on work trucks.
Full length side skirt with rolled fenders
A one piece, no exposed seam skirt that provides less corrosion and oxidation.
34" Trough in front with 3" step down (24" on 84" long beds)
Gives you a space for you welding machines that will provide durability, versatility, and simplicity throughout your hauls.
Tex Armor
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Gator Hyde on Deck

Gatorhyde on Deck

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Gatorhyde on Deck

This CM available option provides maximum protection for your deck on your truck bed model. Our gatorhyde on deck also protects against spills from chemicals or damage from equipment.

3/16 Deck

3/16" Deck

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3/16" Deck

CM's best in class 3/16" deck is a heavier duty deck that allows users to haul more weight. Providing better weight capacity, this available option has the best quality results for your heavy-duty hauls.

Color Primer Only

Color Primer Only

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Color Primer Only

CM’s color primer option is a great way to keep your hauler body in good shape, as well as style. Our primer will prevent rust and corrosion developing on your truck body and give customers a peace of mind to travel off road or on untreated roads

With an all steel frame bodied truck bed, CM’s WD Truck Bed model is a great choice for welders looking to haul welding machines and equipment to get their business on the road. When welders are seeking out tough bodies, custom design, and a bed that can give them that commercial welder look, this is the bed of choice. Unlike most CM Truck Beds, the WD model truck bed comes with a smooth deck, no gooseneck hitch, and no headache rack, along with a recessed welding machine platform at the front of the bed. However it does come standard with two toolboxes, LED lights, and our best in class B and W Trailer hitch. Providing a truck bed of strength and no struggle, the available sizes for this model are 84″ length, 8’6″ length, and 9’4″ length.

CM Truck Beds reserves the right to make any change in paint, design, or construction as necessary for engineering. All visual representation, specification, and dimensions are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Some of the equipment shown or described is available at extra cost. At no time will any of the material or information contained in this publication have any justifications for resolving disputes.

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